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Choosing the best accessory for your dress

Choosing the best accessory for your dress

By: Lisa On: 23/06/2016 Views: 2227 Comments: 0

Princess style dresses

As tempting as it is to buy a lot of dazzling diamante accessories, less is definitely more. Use your sparkly bodice as the main feature and add a traditional princess-style tiara with lots of sparkle to complement your style of dress. Finish your look with small crystal drop earrings to add a touch of elegance. Leaving the neck bare will avoid an overload of sparkle and won’t detract from the detail on your dress.

How to accessorise a lace gown

There are many ways of accessorising every dress, it’s simply a case of choosing the right accessories, which are in keeping with your style and overall look. Vintage lace looks fabulous with darker, silver accessories, as they have a more ornate look.

Choose a vintage-style side tiara that incorporates both crystals and pearls. Pearls are an elegant and traditional way of maintaining a vintage look while crystals set on darker silver give a touch of sparkle without being too modern.

When it comes to bracelets, try to avoid a diamante bracelet sat in claws as it may catch on your lovely lace. Instead, wear a beaded crystal and pearl bracelet to match your head piece, or for a really traditional look, choose a gorgeous lace cuff or lace gloves.

What accessories would help create a truly glamorous look?

Glamour depends on the individual, but for everyone a gorgeous pair of Swarovski crystal drop earrings is a great starting point. Wear your hair up and add a tiara with equal amounts of sparkle to match those earrings, it’s the perfect combination for a totally glamorous look.

If your dress is quite plain then a sparkling pendant would finish off the glamorous look nicely, or if your dress has a bit of detail, I would leave the neck bare and wear a glitzy bracelet to add elegance and glamour. Apart from sparkly accessories, nothing screams glamour more than a feather shrug or bolero. Not only does the added volume around your shoulders accentuate or help create an hour glass figure, the soft feathers give a romantic element to the look.

What details should boho brides wear, apart from just floral accessories?

A unique accessory, perfect for boho brides, is a hair vine worn across the forehead. You could incorporate a bit of colour by opting for gold accessories rather than silver. If the wedding is outdoors then take the opportunity to wear a pair of Wellington boots, too – you could even pick the colour of your boots to match your theme!

Delicate jewellery could get lost in the overall look, so a chunky statement bangle is an ideal way to add a bit of glitz without steering too far away from your eccentric style.